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Hasselblad (907x 100 C


I have a question about this new Modular camera. I have seen this digital back is compatible many V series and there are many FE lenses could be used with a dedicated Fe lens converter.
My question is can this back be used directly on a 203Fe or 205CC camera body without special resetting done by the Hasselblad service centre.?
I remember when using with older digital-backs like Phase-ONe It was mentioned that 203FE had to have some resetting for that back.
Even when I see some new reviews on this camera back they never talk about any specific setting on the menu about 203except 2000 and 200 Bodies.
anyone have any information on this question please. and thank you for any if you have.
It fits onto the back of 2003FCW but I gave up trying to get it to work, so have used it on a 503Cx without a problem. However, If I want to use the V lenses, I simply mount them on a shift converter which gives me the best of many worlds.