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H6D-100c tethered capture fail

Spike Mafford

New Member
Does anyone have experience with tethering the H6D-100c to a Mac running the current (3.7.3 ver) Phocus?
I'm running OS 11.7.6 and the captures started showing up black. Both in the thumbnail and the preview. When the fff files are exported, they have black dropout square with no information in them. Is this a video card/memory issue?
I can see the files in Adobe Bridge and can open them in Photoshop just fine.
H test_6.17.2023_0001.jpg
  • Hasselblad - Hasselblad H6D-100c
  • 80.0 mm
  • ƒ/19
  • 1/2 sec
  • Other
  • ISO 100
Try another computer for capturing. Another cable...
Not the cable but, I did get positive results using Phocus 3.7.1 on another computer.
I will try to reinstall the earlier version of Phocus on the laptop and see if it works.
Then it may be a sensor readout problem... Get in touch with your local dealer and get his opinion.