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A late autumn pic


What were the original colors of the scene? The magenta shift and green shadows lends an otherworldly feeling to this scene--beautiful!


Getting a bit fed up with this forum; even as a paying member there's no way to post new images in existing threads... loosing my patience after having paid the 25 euro to become a full member....


I also paid to become a member and am still bombarded with ads and frustrated with the lack of administrative support. Is there a sys admin reading these? If so, having contact information would be welcome.


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Hi Tinker,

both free members and Club-members can post images in existing threads. This has nothing to do with beeing a Club member or not.

Can you explain how exactly you tried to upload the image? did you try to upload it on to our server or did you try to link from an external source? Did you change anything fater uploading/linking the images in that specific posting?

Does the second image in this thread has the same filename as the first one?