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X2D L Bracket

I got tired of waiting for RRS to offer a custom-fit X2D L bracket, so I recently bit the bullet and bought the PEIPRO, currently for $129, free shipping. It is sold thru the Chinese company AliExpress.
I will admit I had doubts, but after reading a couple of other positive comments from X2D owners, I decided to buy it. Well, long story short, I am 100% pleased with my purchase. It fits the X2D perfectly, and is as nicely built as my RRS L bracket on my X1D (FOR HALF THE PRICE of the RRS!!). The black finish blends perfectly with the X2D, and there is ample access to the battery. The side bar is adjustable up to about 3/4", so you can place it next to the body, or far enough away to have access to the doors. The side bar has its own thumb screw for tightening & loosening, and when extended outward, it also acts as a left-handed grip. Underneath, there are FOUR 1/4-20 threads, as well as a 3/8" thread.
Here are 3 images I just took. Holy !@#$%! I had no idea my camera was so dirty!! My apologies for that, but these should show the PEIPRO L bracket for you. 8003.gif


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Thank you!

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Doc Steel

New Member
I used since several years the L-Bracket Monoball by Arca Swiss.
The main reason why i bougt this bracket was the advantage of adjustability of both plates.
So you can change from horizontal to vertical around the axis without any adjustments on the head or tripod.
At the time i bougt the bracket the choice of adjustable brackets was very low.
This bracket is light and sturdy and gives enough place for cable management.
Final advantage for europeans like me, your money stays within europe.


OK, I am not as bright as the average bear, just why would I want an L-bracket? What purpose does it serve?
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1. An L bracket provides your camera with an Arca Swiss mounting groove for mounting to your tripod. FYI - Arca Swiss is the industry standard for mounting cameras and other apparatus to tripods. Most "quality" tripods offer Arca Swiss mounting systems on their tripod heads.
2. Arca Swiss also provides you with quick-release capabilities on your tripod.
3. L brackets allow you to mount your camera in vertical or horizontal position on your tripod, maintaining a close proximity to your lens for either position.
4. If you only hand hold your camera, you don't need an L bracket. But if you use a tripod frequently, you would be remiss not to go with Arca Swiss mounting plus a quality L bracket.

Roger Lee

New Member
I bought one from eBay, although because of the X2D's ibis, I haven't used it yet. It does seem to be well made, as good as or as better as RRS for instance. Since I'm a newbie, the link can't be provided.
Manfrotto (previously Bogen) is a stand-alone mount, only works with Manfrotto products. Whereas, Arca Swiss is the industry standard mount, used by the vast majority of "quality" tripod & head manufacturers.
As long as you use ONLY Manfrotto tripods & heads, you're ok.