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WideFields and Star Trails my latest astrophoto site update

Taras, thanks for sharing your images - and hard work for that matter. There are many wonderful images among them. Well done.

It may be nice to post a summary of how you go about your "star gazing". I bet it is fascinating. You're obviously very dedicated to it.

Your zeal is evident in your images, and the results warrant your efforts. Great work!

Your overlays are very educational and if utilized in a educational setting; I am sure your photographs would inspire followers.

Thank You:


New means new to the site. As I haven't updated the site in 26 months, then these pictures are "new" as far as a repeat viewer of the site is concerned.

I see.

See how confusing "new" can be, combined with dates years ago? Plus an "update" message?

Anyway, it doesn't matter.
Nice pictures! That matters.
Hi Taras
great images and great to see someone else using a Hasselblad for star shots. (I am a bit of an astonomer myself.) It is certainly interesting to see your exposure times etc. documented. Out of interest, what fousing screen do you use?

I use a Beattie Intenscreen with architectural grid lines in two of my bodies and an Acute Matte on the other. I tend to use the Beattie's for astrophotography, when I don't forget to check which screen is in which body.

I would absolutely love to try some star trails. Does anyone know if I can operate the bulb setting on my 1000F without having to hold the shutter release down for the duration of the shutter being open? I don't fancy holding a button down for half an hour!
dunno about the 1000F but on the 500 series there is a 'lock' switch to leave the exposure open.

another option is to get a cable release with a 'lock' function, as far as i know most (if not all) release cables have that...
1000F cameras do not offer the lock function nor have they a facility to attach a cable release.

A great camera but not for this kind of work.

Nothing more confusing than the human mind.
Of course the 1000F offers a cable release option.
It is not located in the release button but at the RH side of the camera.

Original cable releases have a connector that fits the 1000F camera.

Later cable releases can be used wizh a small adapter.
Please note these adapters are not easy to find unless you are a member of the FUC.

Blowupster and Terry, thanks for correcting me!
Forgive me if I'm wrong, but taking photographs of stars generally happens at night doesn't it? Wouldn't it be simpler to open the shutter with a cap on the lens, then take the cap off for the desired 'exposure'...?

Of course, this pre-supposes that there is a 'T' function somewhere...
The cable release hole on the side of the 1000f does not accept a standard cable release. You need a difficult to find adapter (I was given one!)