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White balance CVF

All digital files are very very green until a profile is assigned to them.

You need to set up preferences and defaults in your Flexcolor software dialog boxes.

You need a tutorial on how to do this. Who did you buy it from? Can someone there help you with this?

For now, just pick a neutral part of the scene in a photo and use the WB eye-dropper to get it close.
It’s an import, so no help, hoping to really on peoples help on this forum, is there a online tutorial you know of for Flexcolour, I think I’m going to be asking for a fair bit of advice at this rate, 2nd problem already up on forum. Thanks Mark.
Second question answered Paul.

Give it a try, and ask any other question.

I'm pretty familar with Flexcolor and use it for Hasselblad digital cameras and with my Imacon Scanner.
As a follow up to this and the LR import question..If your are going to use LR as a "hub" ie FlexColor to LR to PS back to LR (as as an ex&le)
and FlexColor is the gateway, how much processing is the minimum that should be done in FlexColor before export? WB? any others?
Hi Paul, the CFV back also comes with a grey scale chart that can be put in one of the shots to calibrate in flexcolour. all the best.