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Which is better H1 or H2


New Member
which is better H1 or H2 regarding batteries ..and what is the essential differances between H1&H2 .. regards
> Not I understand it, Hasselblad will convert/upgrade an > H1 to an H2.....its essentially a battery hardware upgrade/ > replacement and they upgrade the firmware . Not sure of cost however.
Robert ..thanks for responding..cost almost same..but what about batteries? "H2" seemed to have a rechargeable batteries !Am wondering "for how long could tha charge stand?
> The H2 battery is designed to power the digital back ( if you have > one installed) as well I believe. There is a rechargable "pack" for > the H1, but it is rather expensive. There is one on Ebay at > > Rechargable_W0QQitemZ7583622815QQcategoryZ3351QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1Q > QcmdZViewItem if you want to see one. If you figure you would want one battery for the camera, and at least one for a spare, then a person could buy an awful lot of Lithium single use batteries for the same price. I guess it all depends on how many you go through. >