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What do you think of your Sonnar CF 150mm f4




Owners of the Sonnar CF 150mm, what`s your veredict on these lenses?
Optical quality, bokeh rendition, etc etc.


As ex-owner (gave mine up in favour of the 120 mm), and prospective owner (want one again, because the 120 mm is sometimes just that bit too short): a great lens. Period.
I think it's an outstanding lens (I have the CFi version, but it's essentially the same as the CF, at least in terms of optical qualities). I probably use it more than any other of my Hasselblad lenses and I have a variety of focal lengths (50,80,120,150,180 and 250). It's sharp as a tack, bokeh (in my opinion) is very pleasing and mechanically it's very well constructed. If I could only have one lens, this would probably be it.

The mount.
CFi lenses have a new mount with better ergonomics, a locking device holding the flash cord, and better internal baffling, reducing stray light inside the lens even further.
CFi/CFE lenses also have a new front and rear bayonet (different material). And a new shutter main spring, promising to last even longer.

In optical performance, there is as good as no difference at all.
In theory, the better baffling should produce slightly increased contrast in backlight situations.
Qnu is right, the difference between the CF and CFi lenses is primarily mechancial. I still have my old 150mm CF as well as my 150mm CFi and I do prefer the "feel" of the newer CFi, but I haven't detected any difference in their optical performance.