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What do you do with your prints



Sometime ago I believe Marc asked how do you store your slides. Not having a system I'd hoped that someone had a surefire method, as mine are vastly unorganized, although dated and identified by location, they are , in slide trays, straight and round, sleeves, and stored shoe boxes that fill book selves and closets. I also have about 4 years worth that I have not mounted yet.

As for the relative few number of prints, many are framed, sitting in boxes, in closets, under beds, and a few on the walls.

So, if you have a method for storing slides or prints, please share it, if your situation is similar to mine please respond, at least that would make me feel a little better.


Every print gets a number [yyyy-rrr-ff]where y = year, r = roll, and f = frame, written on the back. This includes even the duplicates. The negatives are in negative file pages and loaded into binders. Prints that do not make it into an album are put in order in boxes that are in order. I can go back 30 years and locate the negative, if the person requesting the print will look for the number on the back.

Does this help?

Opps, you wanted me to help you feel better!