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Were to purchase a CFV back in New Zealand


Does anyone know where I can buy/test a CFV back in New Zealand? Was thinking about ordering one from abroad to save a few pennies, but with the problems a few of you have encountered, probably best to get one locally.

Thanks for the advice on fire wire mark.

Also thanks to every body else who has contributed to the forum on CFV’s back, with out the comments from this site, I wouldn’t be looking into getting a CFV back

I do not know what warranty applies when you buy a CFV locally.
In USA a 90 day exchange service is usual for a back that fails within that 90 day period.

A similar arrangement goes for Holland and Belgium according to my supplier.

What happens when you buy in the USA when there is a problem is not clear to me. Maybe Extended International Warranty?

The NZ agent is CR Kennedys at I doubt they have a back lying around for testing. I am in Wellington and would love to test one too. Maybe I should buy a share?

Current cost for the back is $18,750+GST subject to currency changes.
Thanks for that roger, just been checking out currency exchanges, if I buy one here, it will work out £6,600 if I buy one from the USA its £5,100, man what a difference, didn't realise the American $ was that weak, maybe its worth the risk.
Paul K. may be right. Kennedy's are unlikely to honour a warranty for something you bring in yourself (based on previous knowledge). Maybe you can get some extended 'international' warranty that specifies it, though.

There may be an anomaly if you walk into a shop overseas (REGISTERED 'blad dealer) and walk out with it with a piece of paper and carry it home. They might honour it then??!! You should check with them.

The only other options are to work with a really good dealer overseas who cares about it and who will accept and pass on any back for warranty...

Or you have a friend...

Or take the risk...