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Welcome to Planet V

I just spent some time digging around on Planet V and I think we should applaud Hasselblad putting this online.

My curious mind wonders if they will be interested in having images captured on film in the 'Word' section..

On the frensh version of there is mention of the next french photo exhibition (2007/10/03):

"Venez nous rejoindre, sur notre stand B25, Hall 4, pour y découvrir nos mythiques boîtiers V, notre dernière génération de système H, ainsi qu’en avant première quelques nouveaux produits."

In english: "comme to discover the mytic V body and last H generation and discovert in first somme new products"
As 2007 is the 50 years of the "500C" perhaps interesting things for the ? "500D" ?
So nothing new.

BTW, I like the "Old horse" shown in , specialy the one with fishes. Does it realy exist ? Years ago Hasselblad made red, blue and yelow body skins. Has anyone st&le of home made skin )not only color) for Hasselblad Body ?

I like the special gold with blue skin made years ago but I wonder about a camera when "Made to be stolen" is writen on it!

One economical tip was to remove all skin to get a "100% chrom" body.
You wil also find 'classical' skin material at the website I posted the pointer to


Use Photoshop?

As long as you can find suitable (thin) material, it's not difficult.
You can use the vinyl covering as a template (i asked Hasselblad to put files with templates up on Planet V, but they apparently no longer like their V-System using customers enough to do that?), and cut the pieces yourself.

Glueing the new skin on is easy too. As long as you do not use a permanent glue (and i of course asked Hasselblad to suggest a good, non-corrosive glue too.)

And as long as you do not mind having to redo the process periodically, you are not restricted to 'tough', longlasting materials like vinyl. Anything that is pliable (and thin) enough will do.

And no need to be afraid of messing things up: you can always put the original vinyl on again.

Just be creative!
(And that's the Planet V message too.)