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Vintage Hassi User


Hi all,
Took this photo earlier this year - as you can see I focussed more on the delightful old Hassi than the person's eyes (who was just as delightful). I guess it is a 1000F - she didn't know - it had been loaned to her by a friend - nice friend. It was in super condition and even had an old lightmeter attached - so that may be a clue.
Thanks for any info - and thanks for this great forum and the opportunity to participate in the calender project - it has been great to use my old Hassi again.


  • Vintage Hassi user.jpg
    Vintage Hassi user.jpg
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  • Vintage Hassi user.jpg
    Vintage Hassi user.jpg
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Funy picture and happy to see one using old Hasselblad (by a yung beautifull girl is a plus !). I'm so sorry to have my 1000F broken.
Perhaps this tread must be merged with a other one.

The cell seams to be a Leitz one.

Welcome to the FUC . FUC stands for HASSELBLAD 1600F/1000F/SWA/SW USER CLUB .

What is your camera ? ? ? What is the lens and has the lens a metric distance scale ? ? ?

Please see also the other thread 1600F TESSAR .

Have a nice weekend . Jürgen
It is a Hasselblad 1000F, the work horse amongst early Hasselblads.

The lens is an 80 mm Tessar fitted with original shade.

The Leica meter fitted to the body makes this a typical user camera.

The 1000F is a strong camera that will give about the same reliable performance as any 500C.
I bought my third 1000F for spares, it was completely in parts.
I was surprised to hear from my technician he made another camera out of the box with parts.

A delightful picture showing a lady having fun with this Hasselblad.

Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for the info, gents, especially Polypal.
Jürgen, unfortuntely I cannot join your club (yet).
I'm a 503cx user. Would love to get a SWC series camera though.
Have a good weekend
Well, the prospect of finding new members for our exclusive club (FUC) might make me part from one of my treasured 1000F cameras. Might...


The FUC is not my club .
It is actually a kind of virtual club of vintage HASSELBLAD lovers .
Therefore , there is also no fixed membership and no entry fee .
Everbody who owns and loves vintage HASSELBLADs is welcome .
The FUC was actually born through an spontaneous initiative by Paul .
There are no paragraphs or rules , but we have fun with pointing out virtual rules .

The only fee or donation you can make is to the Medium Format Club
That gives members larger upload capacity for their pictures and up till 1000 Mb disk space.

Membership at 25 euro a year supports this forum.
We have no income from advertising. No loud banners or other means that invite you to
buy insurance etc.

The FUC stands for F Users Club.
Meaning those of us that enjoy early Hasselblad cameras like the 1600F and the 1000F.
It is a small community where we help and support each other with parts, lenses or
just a good service for a camera at an affordable price.
Fun and love for these old machines that have often survived a hard working life.
Almost all of them can be brought back to good working condition.