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using a polariser with the 40mm CFE

Hi, there; I have just acquired a mint 93mm polariser for my 40CFE lens; my question is this; how much extra exposure would I need to give when using the filter at its Max ? Ie in bright sun, with reflections off water, for example. I would assume that two to three stops extra, but what do others think ? thank you in advance.
It varies.

Two stops is a bit pessimistic although it can happen that the loss is as much as that.
It varies according to the adjustment of the polarizer and the sort of light present.
Also the reflecting subject has influence.
Anything between 1,5 and 2,3 stops is possible making 2 stops a rule of thumb.

With polafilters nothing beats a TTL meter. There are just too many factors influencing the light loss due to the filter to come up with a generic answer.