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User manual PME 5


New Member
I have just got a used PME 5 prism and lightmeeter.
Any one that know what area it covers when meetering? Is it spot or center weighted. Any one that have an idee of were I can get a user manual?

It is center weighed, metering the central part between the ends of the cross hair lines on the focussing screen, a bit biased towards the upper bit.
It depends a bit on what lens and what screen are used.

There are few controls, so easy to explain.

First, the battery goes in on the front. The small tab is the battery cover lock.
The knob on the other side on the front is the on-button. There is no off-button.

On the left, there are two levers in a circular surround. The display of what they move is on the left of the eyepiece.
The "front" lever sets the ISO of the film in use. Remember to change that when changing magazine loaded with different ISO film.

The other lever sets the maximum aperture ("MAX") of the lens you are metering through. Change that every time you attach a lens with different maximum aperture. And always meter with the lens wide open.

The window on the left of the viewfinder has two lines. Set values so that they appear between (!) the two lines. When setting an intermediate value, not on the scale, set the two adjacent values on lines.

To meter, press the button on the front, and point the thing. The leds will show the EV value to set on the lens.
Should two leds light up simultaneously, use the value in between.

On the right of the viewfinder eyepiece is another window, marked "BAT". It is the battery test window. A green light will show when the metering button is pressed for at least one second. If not, the battery needs changing.
This is a great forum.

I decided to buy a PME5 used. Now I do not have the manual and need some help on how to change the batteries.
Qnu your post was really helpfull but i still cannot figure out how to open the battery cover lock ? sorry about this I am a slow study and need some additional help here.
The battery door is a sliding door. The door 'handle' is the thinnest of the two chrome pins (the thick one is the switch to engage the meter). Just slide the thin one towards the center of the prism. The door will now open. Getting the battery out takes a bit of shaking (at least on mine, YMMV).