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Used H3D22


New Member
Hey everybody,

I'm thinking about selling my H3D-22 and would like to know how much it might be worth on the used market.
I am the original owner and I bought it last July.
There is a little paint missing on the left side of the camera, but everything else is in great shape.
I also have a HC50-110 that has some cosmetic issues.
You can take a look at the items here:
Your opinions are greatly appreciated!

"I'm thinking about selling my H3D-22 and would like to know how much it might be worth on the used market."

Current listing of mint pre-owned H2D/22 kit from Hasselblad with 6 month Hasselblad warranty: $13,000. Probably refurbed demo units.
Marc, where is this listing?
I'd also be interested in seeing what other Hasselblad items are going for.

These are great prices, Marc. Thanks for sharing.

I'm thinking about a PME45 - sometimes my PM45 and Spot Meter are exactly what I want, and sometimes (with filters etc) I really would prefer the PME45.

I'll try him out.



G'day Colin,

I have one of the older PME45 (I think it is called a VFC?) and I really like the builtin meter. Mine is still calibrated for the non-AM focusing screens but compensating 1 stop with the film speed setting works just fine. Even on Ektachrome things are accurate. As usual, you have to know how to meter ;-)

Wilko ('enjoying' a typical Dutch autumn rain storm. Yikes..)
Hi Marc, any idea where one can obtain such Hasselblad certified re-owned equiment for sale in Europe? Have not seen this over here in Austria.
I too have the PM45 and think that one day it would be more convenient to have the PME45 - over time I am sure a good one will be available at a reasonable price. In fact when I prefer to use a hand-held meter, I use the WLF or a chimney finder anyway.
CFV 16mp $9,995.00........................$7,650.00

Only -25% on second hand prize for the CFV !
The best value keeper ?

@Simon. Stone the bloody crows, thought you'd gone walkabout. Yeah, Mate, it's six of one and half a dozen ... . I often just use the WLF, or as Marc once wrote, a cupped hand. ;-). But if I am using the machine sans tripod, I find that being able to 'push' the PM45 against my fevered brow steadies the shot for me.

I am also wanting to get a 903SWC (because I do architecture a bit and my 50 is restrictive) and they are running about $3500 in minty condition, so I also figure that the $1300 or so for a minty PME45 could be better spent towards the SWC. I have seen the 'previous' PME model at around $500 minty, and that could be the solution. Just thinking ...

The other reason for the SWC is that if I do break into a CFV or similar back, at least the 38mm is still a reasonable wide lens.



errr... it was Wilko who mentioned the 'previous' PME model in this thread. Might be the way to get both ...;-)
I also have a HC50-110.
Any idea what you can fetch this lens for used?
Again, I have a couple photos of it.
Mark, is the HC50-110 a fairly recent lens? The older ones have to have their firmware updated by Hasselblad to work on the newer cameras.
Marc, I bought the lens on eBay so I'm not sure how old it is. Can I find out if it's one of the older ones by the serial number or something? You guys know more than the folks at my camera shop!

Also, when upgrading the firmware, the shop mentioned having to put each lens onto the camera and running Flexcolor for the lenses to update. Is this something you guys do every time a new version of Flexcolor comes out? I tried this and it didn't work.
Mark, one way to tell if it is a lens with up to date firmware installed is to look at the screws used to attach the lens mount.

Chrome screw heads denote an older version .... black anodized heads are newer, and work on the later H bodies. Older ones can be updated but there is a charge from Hasselblad.

I have never heard of updating a lens by tethering to a computer using Flexcolor. That is how the digital back firmware upgrades are done, but I've never read anything to that effect concerning upgrading older lens firmware ... but I don't have any older lenses so I wouldn't know.
Looks like the screw heads are black.

RE: updating each lens....
Seems like I shouldn't believe everything my camera shop tells me.