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Update Firmware und Language Setting possible


New Member
since yesterday i am owner of a H1.
my H1 has English menu in LCD .. can i cange it to other Languages ..? [German preferred ;-) ]
i did not found in manual ...
second question:
firmware is 8.2.1 .. newset is 8.2.2 ..
how can i update it ( software . cable ) ???
Sorry Stefan,
you can't change menu-language.

To update the firmware, you must hand your camera in to your nearest ‘Authorized Hasselblad Service Center’. They will update the firmware for you for free.

I am in the processing of buying the 210mm/4 for my H1.

Since there are no dealars here I am unable to

see and feel the lens.Is the lens moderate in size? How is the perfomanc? sharp? Does it autofocus well? Any input would be appreciated.

> I have the 210 and I think it's pretty good. Auto focus is fast and you just can't get any sharper. Weight is the only issue; this is one big and heavy lens. It is however lighter and easier for me to manage than the 150. But they're both worth the
Does anyone know the advantages of the 9.0.0 firmware over the 8.1.9 rev? I just purchased a H1 Demo unit, and am Authorized Service Center is NOT available without shipping the camera to them at this time. If the updates were not critical, I will wait for a few months till I can get over to Georgia.
The inability of a user to do their own firmware updates is severly behind the times. That is very disappointing.

> I agree, I wish they had built in the capability to "do it yourself". > I have not seen the equipment that is used to perform the updates on > the H1, but if they were smart, the interface would require only a > special plug and the rest would be industry standard (serial, usb, > etc) off a Windows PC....of course since that would be the reasonable > approach, they probably spent a million dollars designing a > specialized, one of a kind, box....something like the multi-million > dollar electric shaver NASA designed for the astronauts with a > built-in vacuum to collect cut whiskers, then one of the astronauts > went up with a safely shaver and shaving cream and it did a better job > for a far less money!!!!
> Hi Robert The v9 firmware is needed if you have the new 120Macro lense or the CF adaptor. It also incorporates some improvements and adds more custom options to the H1. I would say unless you have a CF adaptor or a 120mm you could wait until you update.

Regarding "Do it yourself"

Of course ut would be nice to able to do this without having to ship the camera.

On the other hand, being a software developer, I can imagine a number of possible scenarios where things can go wrong. You would need more than a cable; you would need software for your computer (Mac or PC ?) running some sort of OS (Linux, X, Win 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP or what have you). Then you would need a stable system. If something goes wrong during the update of the bios, you would end up with an unbootable camera, much the same that can happen to your computer if you fail when replacing the bios. Then you would have to ship your camera for service anyway, and I'm not sure who should have to answer for this.

Yes, it is possible to write foolproof software, but there are a lot of people out there who are able to screw things up anyhow...

Hmm, when I come to think of it; it would be nice if I could write my own software for the camera. Maybe they could release a software development platform so I can have everything the way I really like? Then I really could screw things up...

> Thanks for the info. I plan to get the adapter sooner or later because > of several lenses I have for my 553/ELX.
> I just checked with the warranty service center in Atlanta, and they > have to send the H1 back to Hasselblad USA in NJ to update the > firmware (too slow for my taste). Does anyone know of a faster > location to get the H1 firmware updated? NJ is simply too overworked > for a rapid turnaround from my past experiences.
> I understand your point, and the fact that most people would not have

> all the things you mention. On the other hand, I also work in IT as a > private consultant and have all the things you mentioned in 'spades' , > and then some. I just wish there was the 'do it yourself" option. I

> double checked with the nearest service Center near Atlanta, and even

> they have to return the H1 to NJ for updating! NJ (do to their > workload) is slower than molasses, and if one did scramble the > firmware one would be no worse off than it is looking now. Know of any > place other than NJ who can do the updates on a H1 relatively > quick???