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SWC question on close focusing


I have used SLRs too much so when this came up, I honestly wasn't sure.....When using the SWC style cameras for very close subjects (approx 12-15 in at max aperature so DOF is minimal), should one measure the distance from the front of the lens, or from the film plane marked on the film back?
When using the SWC for close up work I would always measure to the film plane to be sure of your focus. As you say, when you are working 12 to 15 inches from your subject DOF is critical and you want your sharpness at the film not at the lens.
I "thought" the film plane was the right answer, but I am so use to looking for an "in focus" image through a viewfinder, I wasn't 100% sure!

A good thing to have when doing close focus photography using a SWC is the ground glass back. You'll no longer be guessing/meassuring using tape, but have visual focus inspection through a viewfinder restored again. ;-)

These things are rather expensive new, but can be found used for very reasonable amounts.