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Square 4x4 filters for ProShade


New Member
I am interested in purchasing a series of square filters (4x4 inches) for my Hasselblad ProShade. So, I would like to know if reliable and objective information exists about who makes the best filters.

On the internet I could find a number of pages and forums about filters, but no tests and reviews comparing various brands and makes.

What I found were mostly conflicting (and confusing) opinions from users and never ending debates about resin vs glass, single/multicoated vs uncoated, sandwiched gelatine vs dyed in the mass glass, cheap filters vs expensive ones, japanese vs german, real filters vs photoshop job, filters vs no filters, etc. These were users opinions or makers selling points. No definite and independent reviews and tests conducted over a large spectrum of brands.

Here is a comparison of some prices (in euros) for a particular 4x4 filter, from the cheaper up to the most expensive:

1) Van Diemen (resin):50

2) Cromatek (resin):54

3) Lee (resin):57

4) Van Diemen (glass):88

5) Harrison & Harrison (glass):97

6) Format (glass):95

7) Tiffen (glass):120

8) Schneider (glass):156.

This is not a comprehensive list (Cokin, Heliopan, Singh-Ray, HighTech, BW, among others, are missing). But that list is good enough to show that the price is tripling. So, the decider is : Are we getting what we pay for?

Thank you very much in advance for your contribution.

Arthur Delabie
Dear Arthuriev,
why you donot take the chance of a live chat @ (Live Help)
They are so helpful and will not take long time to advise you. Just prepare the information they may need, to provide you the right advise. Among these information are, type of filters mount, size of the mounts and filters, and types of the filters you may need. You may find one brand maker who can cover all of your needs.
My advise(although, more expensive) is NOT to go for Cokin(easely scrachable) and to consider 4"X6" filters specially for graduated density filters.
Good luck. Thanks.
Hello Thalmees,

Thanks for yoyr response. Good suggestion. I shall e-mail BH with my questions instead, as I am not based in the US.

I agree with you about Cokin and 4''x 6'' grads.
Hello Thalmees,

Thanks for your response. Good suggestion. I shall e-mail BH with my questions instead, as I am not based in the US.

I agree with you about Cokin and 4''x 6'' grads.

Remember that 4x4" is the maximum size the ProShade will hold.
If you want to use 4x6" grads you need a different filter holder. The ProShade can not be used.
Hi Qnu,
I think the holder that can hold 4x4" filters, is also able to hold the same size filter(wedth) if it just longer by 2", up & down. Thanks.

For grads, I intend to use a Lee style holder.


The Hassselblad holder does not hold bigger size than 4x4'' because it is closed on all sides. In my opinion it would have been technically possible to overcome that constraint.
Oh no,
Thanks Arthuriev, Sorrey Qnu.
Apart of fixed UV Hasselblad filter on every lens I have, and one Nikon Polarizer, I donot have much filters in my camera bag(still few P size Cokin filters with there holder). I donot have Hasselblad ProShade, but I'm using the proper Hasselblad lenshood over all lenses I have.
Thanks Arthuriev for correcting me.