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Slide Holders


New Member
A friend recently lent me a new-style back with built-in dark slide holder. I found this very useful. I see that there is a Chinese-made after-market holder to fit on older-style backs (eg eBay #220129312663). Has anyone used one of these? Are they any good? How are they attached?

thanks, Stewart.
I got some from a US dealer (I forget the name) and they are excellent. They are self-adhesive and non-destructive, so you can remove them later if you wish. In use they are almost identical to the Hasselblad ones and just as useful. Much cheaper than buying the newer type magazines, too. I wouldn't be without them. (I don't suppose that Hasselblad had them made in China and just stuck them on .... no, they wouldn't ... would they?)
I don't have any experience with the Chinese add-on holders.

The thing Hasselblad has on their backs is screwed on.


As longs as you do not use the holder as a grip, i don't think that it being stuck on instead of screwed on matters much.

The Chinese version is, i think, a lot more like the Hasselblad original than some others you often see.
There are also holders sold by Lindahl in the US. You can regularly see them on backs offered on eBay by US sellers.

On most of my backs I have holders I got from a German dealer and a brandname I forgot. Essentially they are simply a piece of 2mm t hick plastic folded into (roughly) the shape of a staple. The short ends of the staple are folded (as they are when staples are holding paper together ;-) and stuck on the back with dual-sided adhesive tape. In the center there is a st&ed-out hole that allows access to the film reminder clip on the back. All in all they work just fine, are robust and easy to install. At EUR 7 a pop they were cheap too.

I am happy with the Lindahl backs.

A bonus is that now I can stand the Hasselblad on the film back and shoot vertically for ceiling shots!