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Scanning 6x6 negs and paintshop


Right now I can`t set up my traditional type darkroom due to limited space so I`m interested in scanning my negs and working with them on my computer but don`t really know where to start with it.
Anyone have any good ideas on where to start?.
Such as what type of program to use to manipulate my images.
Is photoshop the best and simplest or are there better programs around?.
I have windows XP.
> Depends on the amount of $$$ you want to spend. You can go from a > few hundred to several thousand dollars w/out batting an eye. >
Thanks for the advise I have done quite a bit of reading on the subject, I guess I just have to buy an Epson printer as recommended in other threads for a start and go from there.
I guess really the question I am asking..... is Photoshop the same as the many software packages that come with digital cameras or is it more comprehensive and necessary to have this in addition to your software.
What other programs similar to Photoshop are available?.
> It's digital software on steroids. If you know of a student > (college or high school), you might get them to purchase the > software for you. With a student ID, one gets a BIG discount on the > educational version of Photoshop. It can not be upgraded, but it is > much cheaper that way.

Look at for details on purchasing as a student.
> I lucked out because my daughter was in college getting a degree in > Illustration and Commercial Art she has used it as much ( or > more) than I. Admittedly, one enters a grey area where it up to > you to decide in other circumstances..
Photoshop is really the program that you want. Software made by camera companies can be ok for specific needs but an image editing program is an investment in your time to properly learn and Photoshop will be around for the long haul. It is also comprehensive enough to deal with your needs now and in the future. If you are serious about having control of your digital images then it is not some free software that came with a camera that you want, PS is worth learning.

Trial versions are available on their website and of course lots of people just download it with their favorite p2p programs. I am not recommending, I am just saying.
Thanks a lot that answers what I was after.
Somehow I will get photoshop and a good late model Epson printer and go from there.
Hi Mark I have used PaintShop Pro for many years and would thoroughly recommend it for the amateur photographer. I find that it does all that I need in terms of manipulation of photographs. You might also like to have a look at the free programme from Gimpshop, which is an excellent programme, especially since it is free. Have a look at As to scanning 6X6 negatives and slides, I have a CanoScan 9900F, which does me very well, in conjunction with a super programme called Vuescan - see I find the quality of scanned 6X6s is very good. Best wishes whatever you decide Brian Parker
On Photoshop, I finally decided to try it myself - I found an interesting (read cheap) way to get the full version - if you buy an older version (I just bought V6.0), the upgrade to the current version is only around $160. I got the old version (make sure that it can be registered) for only $108 on Ebay. The upgrade is available on Ebay too, but the price isn't that much less than just getting it from Adobe.

Looking around, I couldn't find a full current version for what I will pay when I am done, in fact the price I am paying is close to the list price for the academic version.

Good luck - Ted
Thanks again for the great advise all, I had thought also about paintshop pro but with photoshop going so cheap I got one of those.
Same as you Ted I just bought an older version 5 for au$75 [unregistered and express delivered] which is boxed and new and apparently upgradeable to the current version [PC or Mac].
Seems the latest commercial version can be bought for around au$420 on ebay.
Makes sense to buy and old version as long as its unregistered, if you buy a current one in a couple of years it IS an old version and you`ll need upgrades anyhow.