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Radio remote for Hasselblad EL


I'm looking to get a radio remote release for the EL(...), but haven't got a clue what's available, and which of those is good, which is not.

Does anyone use such a thing? I would be grateful for hints, tips and pointers.
I use a PocketWizard MultiMax with cable #804-508(Motor Drive Cable) in one port and the Sync cable in the other if flash is needed. To trigger the camera and use available light you will need 2 Pocket Wizards(One as the remote and one attached to the camera). If you have a flash setup you will need 3 Wizards ( one as the remote one at the camera as a receiver and transmitter and one at the pack or a pack with one built in).
Thanks Bob!

I'll be looking for PocketWizards.

Do they just have a set duration trigger pulse, or do they allow control over how long the EL(...)'s release contact is made?
Will the same set-up work with the 503cw winder? I assume it would but assumptions are often wrong. The winder IR trigger has very limited range and is directional.

I think you can control how long the release contact is made with the MultiMax's but I have never altered this setting. You can download the instruction booklet for these units on the PocketWizard website. I think it covers this.

Yes, the same setup will works on my the cw winder also but you will need a different cable to attach to the bottom of the winder(I think it's #804-408)