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R2400 problem


New Member
Hi, this is my first posting to this site. I am using ConeColor inks and CIS on my Epson R2400. I recently successfully resolved a clogging issue with proceedures used to resolve past clogs with no problems. I was able to resolve the most recent clog and get good nozzle check and print a couple of prints. But then both the ink and paper red lights are blinking at the same time. Epson manual says that when this happens it means a paper jam, but no paper is jammed in my printer. I did what manual suggested anyway, but to no avail. Am stymied and need help?
Well, it sounds to me as if the Counters have reached their limits in your R2400. You will have to reset the counters using a utility such as SSC Service Utility. I have used it dozens of times..previously trashing otherwise working and good printers. Google SSC Service Utility , download it and follow the instructions. It is a good idea to clean the sponges before resetting the counters. Good luck David