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Proshade filters for bay 60 and bay 70 lenses


New Member

I am putting together my hasselblad system again.
My two main lenses will be a bay 70 50mm cfi (which i am getting at the same price as a cf fle version so why not!) and a bay 60 150mm.

I like to use a pro shade as opposed to the plastic lens hoods.
In terms of filters and shades what is the best combo?

Is it:

Bay 60 filters on both lenses (using 70-60 step down on 50mm) and then will the proshade with a bay 70 or 60 adaptor fit onto that with one filter...and what proshade would I need for that.
Can I use the olde style one with folding rail or will this not work on the adpated but still wider cfi lens?
Bay 70 filters with a bay 60-70 step ring, if that is made, on the 150mm lens and then the proshade with a bay 70 fitting and will that fit onto the adpated bay 60-70 150mm lens with one filter...and again could I use the older style shade with folding rail or would I need to use the more modern 6093 shade?


Using a ProShade anyway, the best option would be to use 100 mm square resin filters.
One-size-fits-all; filters are cheap; and the ones made by Lee or Cromatek are excellent, easily as good as glass.

But that would require the ProShade 6093(T).
Thanks for that.
For use with proshade that could make sense.

I only ever use 3 filters, uv, polariser, and solid ND but I do like the option of using the uv with the camera handheld with plastic hood also if need be so could get just the uv in the bay 60 size.

Well that woudl then lead onto more questiosn about ether the pro shade 6093(T) is better than the lee bellows lens hood etc. I'll do a search about that here and if i can't find anything ask more!


I have a surplus newer-model (not the newest) Proshade with B60 available for sale. Please contact me off-list if you are interested

I am trying to get a grip on how the proshade would work for my situation.

It goes on either the bay 60 or bay 70 fit lens with the correct adapter..easy.
The square 100x100 uv and nd (solid) filters (lee etc) just slip into the filter slot..easy.
But how would the poalrizer work..say the square 100x100 lee linear or circular would that be rotated in the filter slot?

Is the lee bellow lens hood much better for this situtation than the hasselblad one..I am not interested in using grads...surely the hasselblad one is better as it has markings for the particluar hasselblad lenses.



The (bayonet 60 or bayonet 70) polarizer goes on the lens, just as it normally does.
The only drawback: you have to fold the ProShade open to set the polarizer.

The ProShade 6093 is indeed restrictive in that it only holds 100 mm square filters, so that you cannot use grads and be able to move them to position the boundary where you like.
But apart from that, the it leaves not much to be desired.
I would stick to a 50 mm CF FLE for ease of the same filters.
That way you do not need adapter rings etc.
You only need one adapter for the proshade or Lee hood which ever you prefer and can use the same polarizer for both lenses.

BTW although in theory the CFI 50 mm is better than the CF FLE in normal use the differences will be hardly noticeable.

Thanks Paul,
I am also now looking at using lee resin filters instead of the bay fit ones.
This is to allow the use of nd grads if need be but also so I can use the same filters for my large format set up.
I've statred another post about the lee hoods to get some advice on that set up.