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Problems with 55 ext tube


New Member
Hi all, extension tubes of my previous post are arrived. The "surprise" is that the 55 mm one does not mount on 500 C/M body. I can mount it on 21 mm or 32 mm but NOT on camera body. To tell the truth ot is a bit difficult to mount it on other extension tubes, I need a bit of strength to block it. But I do not want to force on body, what do you think about this?

Thanks all

Indeed do not (!) use force!

Anything could have happened to the tube to make it not fit. It may have been run over by a heavy truck (or sat upon by an obese previous owner, which may be worse), or something similar.
Best is to forget you have it.

But before you do, the slotted disc: is it oriented the right way?
And the dog/key on the camera? It too?
> Occasionally I have seen the older tubes "uncock" just like the > lenses if they were removed incorrectly. You might try using a dime > to see if the drive rod can be reset.
Just a reminder, always add tubes/lenses to the camera with the one closest to the camera body first, and remove them with the one farthest from the body first. This helps prevent accidentally jamming the tubes and lenses.

Well, I've encountered my first "tube problem" with my old 55 tube.

When I mounted it (cocked properly) and then mounted my lens, firing the shutter release failed to get a response from the lens shutter.

I checked absolutely everything and then tried other tubes and lenses without any problems.

But, I did notice that when I removed the 55 after a failed attempt to fire the shutter, I found the mirror release occurred during the removal of the 55.

So, is there a "trick" I can try to sort out what seems to be an issue with the linkage in the 55 or is it just a job to send off for repair?