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PM%25 or NC2 45 deg prism


New Member
This is my first post on this forum So after a 14 year hiatus from Hasselblad after I traded up to 4x5 system, I just acquired a good condition 500 c/m body and back and am starting the gradual process of getting some parts for it. So long story short, I used to own a PME 45 degree prism on my older set up prior to trading up. Now I have an opportunity to buy an NC-2 or another PME prism. Metering is not something I cared for in the original one so I am leaning towards the NC-2 as it's cheaper.

As I do not have the advantage of being able to try the NC-2, I want to know if the NC-2 is brighter than the PM variants? Is the magnifcation different, or the same? The memory of my original kit was that the PME prism really darkened the image and my screen was one of the older ones and I had not upgraded it. Either way, is the performance of PME and NC-2 the same or not? What are the differences optically?

The NC-2 is not brighter than the PME. They're just about the same.
And the magnification too: about the same.

I never noticed a real difference between the two, except that the NC-2 crops the screen a bit, while the PME does not/less.