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Pentax Digital Spot Meter Zone System application


New Member
I have a question for anyone that has a Pentax Digital Spot Meter and also has applied the zone system chart to there meter. I am wondering the dimensions of the sticker and where to place it on the meter, because I have just order the digital and would like to apply the same results that I benifitied from the Pentax analog spot meter. Also if anyone could give advice on the Zone System when used with a Hasselblad compared to 4x5 view camera. Thanks again.
I don't know about the Pentax and the Zone scale (i use a Gossen Spotmaster), sorry!

There is no difference in how to use the Zone system in MF. The only thing is that you can't process individual shots, but have 12 frames on a roll.
The thing to do, i feel, is to use one back with fresh film, see what it is that you are photographing and how that needs to be treated "Zone-wise", and then dedicate the entire film/back to the required "N"-value.
If you don't shoot one roll on one subject, and come across another subject, requiring different zone-treatment, before the first film is full, get a second back, load it with film, and dedicate that back to the new "N"-value.

You will probably never need more than three backs (one for "normal" processing, one for low and one for high contrast subjects).
I have a pentax digital spot meter and in order to apply the zone system to it i used a strip of masking tape placed right above the ev values (by above i mean the flat surface in between the view finder and the ev values) each ev value increment is then 1 zone. Start at 2 and place a zone difference at each ev value ( 2,3,4,5,6,7,8) The ev value window only will have a 7 zone range. hope this is clear and it helps.