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Optimal diffuser soft box for D40


Active Member
I use a StoFen diffuser/softbox on my Metz 45 and Canon 550EX with great results.

So I am wondering what users find is the optimal diffuser / softbox product to bang on the front of the D40?

I've seen clever ball type diffusers on the front of Quantums; is there such an accessory for the D40?

Thanks for helping.
Simon, The D-40 ball diffuser I use is almost 15 years old now and I never found another like it ... I originally got it from a 3rd party gizmo company ( Delta I think), and they never showed it again. It became the "Holy Grail" of D-40 diffusers for me.

Finally, I adapted one that works exactly the same by using one of Gary Fong's dome caps for his Light Sphere ( the diffuser that took the wedding photography world by storm). That adaption is shown below. I simply super glued the LS dome on the D-40 Reflector.

He no longer shows the original Light Sphere on his web site, but you may try contacting him to see if he might still have the original Light Sphere dome for sale.

Fong now has an inverted dome for a newer design Light Sphere called the Cloud. I doesn't quite fit the D-40 when you flip it so it makes a dome rather than an inverted, concave cap which won't work because of the bare bulb. However, I may try it anyway and see if I can slightly adapt it as a dome.

BTW, I also use many of the Quantum reflector offerings and have no problem fitting to the D-40 and the Sunpak 120J. I don't know about a ball diffuser from Quantum.

The next best thing I've used on the D-40 reflector has been a translucent sock (shown on the standard reflector in the photo below). Not a bad compromise considering it doesn't permanately modify the standard reflector. It doesn't widen the spread of light like the ball version does.

In the background is a Lumiquest "Big Bounce" which is great but quite unwieldy to use other than when shooting on a tripod.

The gold and silver tube reflectors mounted on the bare-bulb flashes are Quantum wide angle units which allow even a 40mm to be used for group shots with minimal vignetting and none with a 50mm. The gold one is particularly useful for shooting people, especially outdoors when there is a slight blue cast ... or indoors in tungsten lighting (keeps the subject from getting to cool in comparison to the background). The Gold isn't a replacement for an Amber Gell on the flash when matching Tungsten ambient, but it helps a little.

Not shown is the Quantum Telephoto reflector, which is a large round shallow shaped reflector that throws the light much further than the standard reflector ... very useful with a 180/4.

Here is a typical "workhorse" shot one has to do at weddings (not all of it is fun candids).

It's using the Quantum Gold wide angle reflector on a D-40 ... Hasselblad 203FE and 50/2.8FE, Kodak Portra 400NC.

What the Gold does is help lessen the blue shadow areas in the white satin wedding dress
which often happens in outdoor shots with a deep blue sky.

simon . .
I was saying it was close but would not work, so I didn't buy it. I should have made that clear.

I too am looking for something to work.
Dear Simon

I have a Quantum diffusor which does fit onto the d40's reflector which I purchased about 6 months ago in the UK. It works very nicely. It is more of a curved segment than a sphere. It cost about £25. I can also attest to the effectiveness of the Quantum gold reflector. The latter makes the gun a bit less clumsy to handle which may also be an advantage. Of the two I use the latter more. (you might have seen my wedding pic under the post "Marc Williams God of fill flash"!).


Richard Marks
Many thanks Marc - fantastic help as always. I'll get onto Quantum and look into the items you've suggested. Those wide-angle reflectors seem a "must have". Even the sock seems a very useful solution - is it a Quantum item or just a clever DIY work-around.

I'm also grateful to you for the s&le group shot - I can see exactly what you mean about the need for some "warmth" and the impact on the bride's dress - all suck details only become apparent after a shot is taken and some disappointment sinks in!

Also thanks to Richard and Knox for their help.
Can't recall where I got the sock diffuser Simon. It isn't a quantum solution. Third party gizmo supplier like Porters or something like that. You never know where you'll stumble on a solution.

Quantum does make plastic snap-on lid type diffusers including colored ones, but they don't quite fit the D-40 reflector ( maybe that's what Knox was referencing? ). However, the Quantum reflector does fit into the D-40, and that one obviously accepts the Quantum "lids".
Dear Marc
The quantum snap on lid realy does snap onto a D40!! It was a bit tight the first time but it works absolutely fine!
Many thanks again Marc.

I had a look at Quantum's accessory list at B&H (more comprehensive than on Quantum's own web site!).

So, can you confirm the items' terminology please? They list items using Quantum's item descriptions as follow with pictures:
1. The silver and gold "reflectors" - "Matter silver enhancer"; "Light gold enhancer". These look identical to your ones posted in the above photos.

BUT, 2. The diffusers (not the same "ball diffuser" you got and have never seen since) Quantum lists are a). "wide-angle diffuser" and, b). "diffuser" - both opaque white covers for the standard reflector. Are these the ones Knox said do not quite fit the D40? Or, are these what you referred to in your last sentence above as: "the Quantum reflector does fit...lids"

OR, alternatively, have I misread your meaning and you are saying that the Quantum standard "parabolic reflector" replacement for the QFlash units CAN fit on a D40 and then this can "accept the Quantum lids" (assuming you mean lids to be the diffusers etc. - i.e. replace the D40 reflector with the Qflash item?

So, then to keep things KISS, maybe I am best to achieve a flexible D40 setup - buy the Quantum standard parabolic replacement reflector and select what diffusers I want to attach to that - end up with an enhanced D40/Qflash arrangement.

Sorry to put you to so much trouble. Regrds and thanks for sharing your experise.
Richard, our posts crossed "in the mail". So, you are saying that there is no need to replace the D40 parabolic reflector with the Qflash item to enable using the snap-on diffusers?

Yes, those are the silver and gold "enhancers" in my photo.

I did not have as much luck with the Quantum snap-on diffusers as Richard did. But I did that back when I had both Quantum flash and the D-40 which was at least 6 years ago. Things may well have changed.
I couldn't get the Quantum to fit, but sounds like some could, so I emailed them to find out. Here is the reply . .


Thank you for the inquiry. I believe I had researched that last year for someone else. If the outside lip diameter of the reflector is approximately 4 11/16 inches, it should fit with no problem.

Thank you for choosing Quantum.
Visit us at <> for on-line product information, help and newsletter or catalog requests.

Gerald Kraus
Technical Support Specalist

Quantum Instruments, Inc.
Mail 10 Commerce Drive, Hauppauge, NY 11788-3968
Voice: 631) 656-7400 x304
Fax: (631) 656 - 7417

I use the d40's own reflector and snap the quantum diffusor onto it
I think when i get home tonight i will try and send you a digital picture of it and hopefully the order number if i still have it


Dear Simon
AS promised
some pictures of my dissusor.
The part number is "QF67 Wide angle diffusor". It is particularly good for avoiding over exposure if doing a close up portrait with largish apperture. (better light than bounce flash)

Many thanks Richard, that's a terrific help.

So, per my earlier pos I wonder if the Quantum parabolic reflector replacement part fits the D40 - seems to me that since the open silver and light gold enhancers do, the parabolic reflector would. The picture of it on B&H shows part of the back fitting that looks the sames as the D40 item.

I raise this because then when ordering the various diffusers Wide andgle and like Marc suggested the tele fitting since I use my 180mm a lot) etc. for the not too much money, I'd have the exact reflector and be 100% confident everything fits it.

Your view?
Thanks very much Knox. I missed your post. I will email him in the meantime. Stay tuned!