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old NiCad etc


New Member
Is Someone still shooting whith old NiCad ,whithout troubles,on a 500Elx,Is this type Deac 5/600DKZ are still in the Market today?
How to recharge propely accusLike Vartas;one or two Nicad batteries on charge in the same time.
When stops the real time charge after28Hours,is it unrecomanded to overcharge longer?
Thank's to Elx "Aficionnados!"
> The NiCad batteries have been discontinued, and have been replaced with nickel hydride batteries. This is an improvment, in that the nickel hydride batteries do not have the memory characteristics that the nicad batteries do. You should be able to obtain the nickel hydride batteries > from any Hasselblad dealer, or you can order them directly from the Hasselblad parts department in New Jersey. Their telephone number is (973) 227-7912; ask for Rick.

The recharge time for a fully discharged battery (both the NiCad and the nickel hydride type) is 14 hours. If charging 2 fully discharged batteries, the recharge time is 28 hours.

Repeated over-charging of either type battery will eventually cause the battery to swell up and explode. Do not over-charge them!

Dave Odess Factory trained Hasselblad technician 28 South Main Street #104 Randolph, MA 02368 (781) 963-1166


Hasselblad told me that the " Nimh "recharge time process of 14hours& 28hours a no longer valuable! The brand new accus need a four hours first session charge ,and a pause of one hour to let it cool temperaatures ,and recharge another four hours on both and so on! Is someone could explain or cofirm this t...?Thank you.
Hi, Hasselblad in the Netherlands sells new batteries. Not Varta's but a new type, probably Nimh. Hasselblad in your country pobably has them too.