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Newbie question: where to CLA in Germany


New Member
Hello everyone,
I have recently acquired a beautiful 500 C/M from 1973 with a Planar 2.8/80. It works just fine, but the foam padding that stops the rising mirror seems to be disintegrating and throwing little fragments at the focusing screen. And the focusing ring of the Planar does not work as smoothly as I would wish.

Does anyone know a place in Germany where I can have camera and lens CLAed safely, without the risk of making things worse?

Any advice is welcome!

Best regards,
Hello Manfred,

Wellcome at hasselbladinfo forum.

It may come as a surprise to you but Hasselblad Germany in Ahrensburg still services this camera.
They are probably the best option to do this job.

Hasselblad Vertriebsgesellschaft mbh
An der Strusbek 32
22926 Ahrensburg
tel. 04102-49101

Other companies that also service Hasselblad cameras:

Fa. Geissler, Reutlingen, 07072 / 92 97 0
Fa. Paepke, Düsseldorf, 0211 / 9 86 88 8 0
Fa. Museler, Bochum, 0234 / 43 14 27

Please note Hasselblad Deutschland will you present with a bill that has a similarity of a bill for a large service job of a car.
The other companies may be able to do the job at friendlier prices.

After replacing the foam strips the camera needs to be checked for correct alignment of mirror and focusing screen.
It takes special tools to align the mirror and check the body for alignment.

The other repairshops will be able to service the lens without any problem.
It makes sense not just to replace the grease of the helicoid of the lens but to have the shutter serviced as well.


thank you for your quick and extensive reply. I have already heard the Hasselblad prices and will gladly hear what the other companies have to offer.

Best regards,
Going from Paul's recommendations I found a few others and finally sent my 500 C/M to KN-Studiotechnik in Southern Germany.
They have a technician who has been servicing Haselblads for the past twenty years and did a very good CLA job for EUR 165 (body and A12 magazine). The camera looks (almost) and feels like new now.

Link removed, forum moderator.