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New Hasselblad Photo Galllery now online


Dear users,

we installed a new photo gallery software for you with a lot more features and convenience. We hope that more users will participate in the gallery because of this.

Unfortunatley we could not import usernames and passwords into this new gallery. As a consequence old members of the gallery have to register in the gallery again. We uploaded under the name of "admin" all old user's photos. As soon as you upload again your photos, we will delete those admin images.

Or you can follow the instruction below "your" images after you registered in the gallery newly and we can change the "ownership" of that specific photo to your username.

We are sorry for this inconvenience, but the advantages of this new software outperforms by far the inconvenience of registering newly.

We hope that many new images will be uploaded soon. You will see, discussing your images with this new Gallery is a lot easier and convenient than with the old software.

All users can now put a link in their profile of the forum. If another users looks at your forum-profile, he/she can see all your images with a click in your profile.

You can look at the new photo gallery here:

We will start soon with the first photo competitions, so stay tuned!

Have fun with it!

Your Team