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New gear


New Member
hello to all

Glad to be back here

I’m looking for a new MF setup. What is a good body that is very economical.

Not shooting professionally anymore, but I would like a modest setup…..

I used to own Hasselblad digital. Various bodies.


New Member
Dirk is absolutely right. There are quite a few considerations to be taken into account. For example, do you wish to be able to shoot film and digital with the same camera? Your preferred subject matter will largely determine which lenses you'll need or the maximum shutter speed available, etc.

If you're like me - an amateur who used to work professionally - there's probably little need for a 100Mp+ sensor. You mention you used to work with Hasselblad digital gear (H-series?) and that's not a bad place to start if budgets are tight. For shooting film and digital, I'm still using a Hasselblad H2 with a CF22 back plus an Ixpress 528C for super-high resolution. I can also use these backs with my Contax 645, Mamiya 645 and, with hefty cropping, Mamiya RZ67s and Fuji GX680IIIs. For pure digital work, I'm using the Fuji GFX 50S which, having recently been superseded, is now very affordable second hand. If you used the 'Blad H series, you'll be familiar with the qualities of Fuji's glass - the lenses in the GFX range are simply superb.

There are some nice crossovers using the Fuji GFX 50s, Contax 645 and Mamiya 645 - you can use the Zeiss AF and Mamiya Sekor manual focus lenses on the Fuji using appropriate adapters. Being able to use the 80mm f2 Planar with AF on the Fuji is worth the cost of the Fringer AF Adapter alone! You can also use the Mamiya 645 lenses (and Bellows) on the Contax 645 to fill in the gaps in the limited Zeiss range. Quite a few interesting permutations are possible without breaking the bank.

I'm sure others here will have recommendations but it would be great to know what you hope to shoot to narrow the options. I've attached a piccie of the GFX 50S with the wonderful Contax Zeiss 45-90 Vario-Sonnar for your amusement (apologies for not having ironed the back-sheet). Fringer AF Zeiss 45-90  f4.5.jpg