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New 500CM Owner Greetings

Just wanted to say Hi to everyone... the buyer of a 1982 500C/M with 80mm C and A12... came with a waist-level, but i picked up a eye-level NC-2 Finder, as i felt the waist-level might be a bit awkward to transition to....

Any words of wisdom.... do's.. don't... helpful advice, etc?...

I also am a happy owner of a beautiful 1974 Minolta XK professional 35mm SLR. (best 35mm SLR they ever made!)...
Welcome to Hassie-Land, Michael. I find that I rarely use the prism finder. The waist level may take you some getting used to, but it's much brighter, easier to focus. Give it a try.

Sandy Eggo
I find the prism viewfinder has as much use as the WLF. The WLF is good for overall composition checking, looking at your lighting etc, and the prism is good for checking focus/depth-of-field, and low light conditions etc. I find when shooting, I am changing between the two several times before I take the shot, but that's just me.

A good tip as well for those getting out and about with their blads, if your magnifier gets wet, and ends up with loads of watermarks inside you can't get rid of, you can pop out the glass held in by the metal rims, and give them a damn good clean. Just be VERY careful, as they are somewhat fragile, and it's very easy to bend the metal frame causing you problems when putting it back into the camera (insert disclaimer here!!).

Best regards all, Delbert.
Greetings from me too. Got a mint 500 c/m "Classic" on eBay. I've been using a Canon EOS 35mm....always wanted to try medium format and this seemed like a good opportunity.
Hi all.. this is my first post...
I'm awaiting my first hasselblad kit that I bought on ebay.
Any suggestions as to what I should do when I get it out of the box this week..?
Its a 500CM A-12 80mm WLF.
Thanks in advance.
congrats on you Blad - 1. read all the entries on jamming/unjamming the camera/lens - in that way you can avoid doing that!! ( always wind the shutter before talking of the lens etc>) 2. Theres is a manual somewhere on this forum - read it - 3. The best way to hold a Blad is in the palm of your left hand, with your thumb on the right side and your index finger on the trigger - then you have your right hand free do set aparture, time and focusing and winding the camera - it takes time to get use to but it is really the best way IMHO to hold the camera - I think it is shown in the manual to! 4. Avoid scrathing or bending the dark slide as it will ruin the dark-sealing inside the magazine. 5. Read what Q.G: de Bakker posts on this list - he is almost alway spot on and a great asset to all in this community - Have fun with your with
camera - cheers ruben
Hello Everyone.
I just purchased a 500cm with 80mm lens and eye level finder. I've used 35mm for many years and thought I'd make the move to medium format. I haven't taken any shots yet, the first time I loaded the film in backwards and now I've gotta go get another roll to try it again.
welcome to MF and Hasselblad and happy shooting - Always remember to cock/wind the shutter before talking of the lens - you can download an manual from these pages if you do not have one!
Hi Everyone! This is my first post here, I am from Rio de Janeiro and just bought a superb 500CM with a Chrome C Planar 80mm. By the way, can someone tell me if the quality of the pictures of the olds C are the same is the same as the T* ones? Tks for your help.}}
Fernando, lenses with t* coating are usually less flare prone than those without. Wide angles suffer more from flare than tele lenses. However, it's best to use a lenshood all the time, t* coating or not.

I have a silver C 250 without t* coating. The quality I get with this lens is amazing so I have nothing to complain. Used to have a C 150 without t* coating as well. Have a look at the photo gallery. The b/w picture of the Nepali farmer in the people section was made with that lens. It is so sharp that I think your 80 will give you nothing to complain about.

Best of luck from the Netherlands, Frank
Hi Fernanddo - Welcome, I do not post much but follow the discussion lines and comments with great interest. I am an Australian presently living in Brasilia and I am using my 500cm kit to discover the cityscapes of Brasilia and hopefully some other cities of Brasil soon. I use a mixture of old and new lenses and am happy with all of them as long as you take the precautions mentined by many people here eg the use of lens hoods.

adrian >