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Need Help Deciphering 40mm CF FLE Distagon

I just received a mint 40mm CF FLE that I bought a few days ago from Ebay. I need help with three items/issues -
1. There is a 93/40 ring screwed on the front. What is this for? It has no threads for accepting a filter.
2. I understand how the floating element works, but there are 3 click stops and 4 markings: infinity, 2m, 0.9m, and 0.5m. The 3 click stops do not line up with these distance markings. Can I set the floating element anywhere between the click stops, or do I need to use only the click stops. Then, do I focus and then set the floating element, and then refocus, or is there another procedure to this?
3. This one is the biggest issue I have - the lens came with a quick focusing knob mounted on the lens. I did not want it, so I took it off - only to discover that there is NO rubber gripping area on the focusing ring. I presume it was taken off before the focusing ring was attached, although I never would have thought that. I need to get a replacement rubber grip for it. Can anyone recommend somewhere in the US where I can purchase one?
Michael H. Cothran
1. There is a 93/40 ring screwed on the front. What is this for? It has no threads for accepting a filter>


It is a two piece unit that threads into the the lens and separates in the middle, the inner one is the adapter and the outer is the lens shade. If you notice the shade portion has a lip on the inside. That area is for holding drop in filters between the adapter.

I am sure you can purchase parts from Hasselblad Service in New Jersey.



The 93 mm filters do not have threads, and are held in place by the retaining ring.

You do use the click stops.
The first is for the range from infinity to 2 meters,; the second for the range between 2 meters and 0.9 meters; the third and final one for the range between 0.9 and 0.5 meters.
When set to the click stops the line on the ring lines up with the vertical line in the middle of each range indicator.

You focus, set the FLE ring to the appropriate range, and then refocus.
Thanks to QG and Gilbert for your replies, and for help in clearing up my issues with #1 and #2.
Just out of curiosity, are all 93mm filters threadless, or do you refer to just those filters made by Zeiss for this lens? I understand how the retainer ring would hold a non-threaded filter, but assuming that I can purchase a threaded filter from a third party, such as Singh Ray, it makes sense that for a threaded filter, I would simply remove the outer ring. If none of what I "assume" is correct, I humbly ask that you set me straight.
Thank you again,
Michael H. Cothran
QG - I do have one other specific question for you, or for that matter, anyone else who wants to chime in - In reference to the floating element adjuster - I guess I picture it like the aperture ring - while there are click stops for each aperture, one can still set the aperture ring anywhere in between any two click stops for fine tuning exposure.
Does this also work with the floating element ring? Can I set it anywhere in between click stops, or must I only use the 3 click stops?
Thanks again,
Michael H. Cothran

I guess you could set it in between, yes.
But... why?
"I guess you could set it in between, yes.
But... why?" QG
Two thoughts - one, I've owned 2 other lenses with floating elements. These had no click stops, so you just turned the ring until it matched the distance on your focusing scale. Secondly, I just figured it would be a little more accurate, assuming the floating element moves continually as you turn the ring.
If not, then the click stops will work just fine.
Thanks again,
Michael H. Cothran
After doing research for a 93mm filter, I've learned something new, and understand the postings above a little clearer now. No one seems to make 93mm filters other than Hasselblad/Zeiss, and I have not had any luck locating one yet online. I just presumed that this was a common, albeit quite large size, and that Singh Ray, B&W, and the likes would produce them. I did note that B&W make 95mm filters, but I don't suppose there's anyway of adapting this to the 40mm Distagon. O & learn.
Michael H. Cothran

I just purchased a B & W Kaesemann Circular Polarizer 93 BWKCPS93 and a KR1.5 B & W BWSLMCS93 they are special order and take 6 to ten weeks to make.



If you like I will contact you with more information.
2 focus rings.... why they did not succed to do it automatic ?
Zeiss succed to have mecanical stabilized 20x60s tweens !

What happens if you let the second ring false ?
"I just purchased a B & W Kaesemann Circular Polarizer 93..."

I did notice these on the Schneider website, but I thought they only listed them as 95mm, not 93. I'll have to look again. I did note a Hassy 93 on Ebay, and will also look into that this evening.
BTW - any special reason you opted for the circular rather than linear (assuming it's going on a manual focus lens)? Is circular the only way it comes?
Michael H. Cothran

The floating elements give you the opportunity to improve image quality at close range.
If you do not wish to use this option just leave the front lensgroup at infinity.

With the new silver series lenses CZ ommited the floating elements for the 50 mm lens stating many photographers did not use the option anyway.

I just found a brand new Hasselblad 93 polarizer on Ebay.Canada, selling from someone in Texas. Unfortunately, I got to the auction too late, as it concluded with a winning price of $165 USD. Someone got themselves a really good deal here!
Michael H. Cothran