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NC2 Prism finder question


New Member
This is my first post to this forum, it's great to be a member of such an elite group. I have a basic question: I want to purchase an NC-2 prism finder. I want to spend less than $100 (yes, I'm broke). I found some on that were in "bargain" condition for around $60. Then there is the Kiev brand NC-2 copies for $65. Which of the two would you recommend to be the better choice?
Thanks in advance for all responses,
try E-BAY . there are some NC2 prism finders . do a worldwide search and use "hasselblad prism" as search arguments .
You will shurely be successful .

The optics/glass on KEH "bargin" condition items (except plastic filters-Softars) are usually excellent, and only the finish of the metal and or leatherette will show any wear. Plus KEH has a very good return policy. I've only ever had to return one piece of optics, and that was a 150mm Sonnar which had a shutter which would not stay open at 'B'. They replaced it with another one they happened to have in stock at the time.

I have an NC-2 and one of the Kiev clones,I have to look to see which one I have on as there is no difference in the s&les I have.