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My A-24 is a A-23 !


I got a A-24 month ago. Beautifull piece and realy best looking piece If I compare to other Backs.
The back was not used every month and it cann explain why it's a litle harder to reload after each shot than my other back.

Everything works fine exept that the back does not allow me to take the shot number 24 so only 23 pictures on 220 films.

I got the back for low prize and expect to finish the year with a digital back (as I said last year too !) so I wonder if there is a way to made the repair myself.

Any idea ?
Good chance nothing is wrong with the back.
Load the film with extra care.
An irregularuty with loading may be a possible cause for the loss of image 24.
I have 2 A-24. One allow me to take 24 shot with or without film and then it does not allows to shot more; that's correct. The other one do not alllows me to shot the picture number 24 with or without film, so only 23 shots. It's not the lenght of film. If I open and close again the back in the darck with number 24, the counter is set up and then I cann take the 24th shot on the film.
Then it is a counter adjustment matter.
Not a very complicated thing but only a qualified technician can do something about it.
It only takes 15 minutes to correct this problem.
The only time I ever experienced a similar problem (I only use A12 backs) turned out it was my loading error in that I did not notice the mistake when I fitted the back to the camera with the counter problem.