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New Member
Hi - I got my bellows (old style) working. The goal is to copy my slides so I want as close as 1 to 1 that I can get. Ploblem now is with the 135mm lens I can't seem to get the image in focus at any length of bellows extention including the slide attachment - anyone have any advice? thanks
Old bellows

The 135 mm lens and the old bellows range from 1:1 till infinity.
If you cannot focus 1:1 ther must be something wrong with any of the components including the camera/mirror/screen adjustment.

This calls for an expert opinion with the gear at hand.
Try this -
Find something on your walls that you can focus on. Maybe a light switch or something. Handhold your rig with the bellows fully extended. Stand back several feet from the wall. Look through the viewfinder, and walk towards the wall until it comes into focus. If it gets more blurry as you approach the wall, then you're too close. Back up. Your wall SHOULD come into focus at some given distance.
If not, then as Paul says, you've got problems.
My bet is that you have just not found the correct distance yet for focus.
Michael H. Cothran