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More 203 FE questions


New Member
Does the winder not work with A12 backs? Do I need an E12 back to make the winder work?
I purchased a winder, and then, when I went to take the first picture, it took the picture, but it wouldn't wind and the camera locked up. The shutter never reset. I have sinced learned to manually cock it when I take the winder off, but I am setting something wrong.
What settings will make the winder work automatically?
The winder works regardless of back, metering mode, etc.
All it does is sense when the wind block is released, and then start winding.

I'm sorry, but that sounds like the winder you have and your camera don't like each other. Either the winder, or possibly the camera, or even both need adjusting to make things work. A job for a competent repair man.
Well, here is a good laugh for you!!
I opened up my winder battery compartment (I bought this from B&H used-so I never got any paperwork with it) I found that I had, indeed, put batteries in (just checking myself) but only put 4 in instead of five. I guess when you are right in the middle of a stressful situation, you don't really have the time to think all around the problem. At least, I didn't at the time.
But, after reading all your informative posts, I went back to fiddle with my newfound information and what do you know? It worked on two frames!!
Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!1
PS: I am getting excited about my 203FE now that someone has helped me with those basic questions. When I heard how fast that winder was, it totally brought a huge smile to my face! It sure is great when someone can help.