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Minolta scan multi


New Member
i have the opportunity to purchase the original scan multi brand new i n the box, with warranty for a very reasonable price. does anyone have any experience with this scanner. my work will be about 70% 35mm and30% 6x6. i would like to do some printing of 11x14 photos. is the low 1128dpi for medium format good enough.
thanx garth
> "I´m using the Minolta Scan Multi II for one year and I am very satisfied with its performance for both formats (35 mm and 6x6 cm²) For prints I always scan in the highest possible resolution, make my adjustments with Photoshop in Tiff-format and store the photograph as a jpeg. scanning a 6x6 neg the highest possible resolution depends on the performance of your computer. But with 1128 dpi you´ll get a reasonnable result. Frieder Zimmermann"