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Minolta Multi Pro



The Minolta Multi Pro seems to be one of then best film scanners on the market for medium format scans. Compared to thze Nikon Supercoolscan 8000, the Minolta does not have the bandwith problem often described from users.

The Minolta is also cheaper as the Nikon. I have not had the chance yet to test one, but as long as someone does not want to switch to digital cameras, a dedicated film scanner might be the best solution, although pricy compared to the Epson 3200.

There is a good review on the following site of Ken Rockwell:

I would be eager to hear comments of Hassy users who had the chance to test this scanner.

I just spoke to Paul at Silverfast regarding the potential of Silverfast for this scanner. He said they are working out the details and hope to have thier software available for this scanner in the near future. When they do I will give serious consideration to this scanner.