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Announcement Medium Format in 2023 - 20 years and still going strong!


Dear members,

the photoindustry had a rough time over the last couple of years because of Covid and the decrease in demand in new photo gear in general. But Medium Format seems still to be fine in relative terms. There have been several new bodies presented within the last 3 years and I hope that we will see even more new Medium Format cameras in 2023. :z04_smileys70:

But even without new products, we have a great choice nowadays:

  • Fujifilm has now 5 different Medium Format cameras available: GFX100, GFX100s, GFX50SII, GFX50s and GFX50R plus 14 lenses and 1 teleconverter.
  • Hasselblad has 3 different MF systems to adjust to your preferences with around 7 different MF cameras and so many lenses that I even do not start to count them :)
  • Pentax is also still offering its 645Z Medium Format camera and 16 lenses
  • Plus all the old Medium Format gear for the film photography. Do not forget these. It seems that more and more people are getting interested to shoot again Medium Format with film.

We are glad that we still offer our Medium Format Community Forum for free against all trends. Dispite all turmoils in the MF sector over the last 2 decades.

We have always been free and will always be free. Since 20 years already! Starting as and now open for all MF brands. Which community forum can look at such a long lifespan and is still existing and free?

So we wish you also for the next 20 years a lot of fun and very cultivated atmosphere here at :z04_bier01:

Your MFF team