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Looking for DFlash 40 Instructions

In 3 years no response ! I baught mine on Ebay without notice. Sorry !BTW, my D40 body (not the head) twist (to the right only) about 15° beyond my control. Just a short move and the flash lights to the right. Before to use glue to fix, I wonder if one has allready have this bug ?
Isidor I've had no issues of any type with my D40. Do you have instructions for it? I have a scan of a booklet that I can email if you need one.

I suppose Laurent has one by now!
Finaly I succed to repair my twisted flash.
I had to remove 4 screws and then I use a 10mm and 19mm wrench to fit correctly the flash socket.

Anyone succed to add something (at the wire end) to use this D40 on others camera in automatic ? (Not manual nor TTL !)
By the way, how do you travel with the flash in a bag ?
I can't put the flash to any bag with body and lens. With the Metz 45 I can put the long flash in a side pocket. The D-40 need a hand. In fact I almost never take the D-40 flash outside for this reason. Inside the Elinchrom is far better.
So, why did I bought this flash ?
Isidor Ducasse (Blowupster) wrote on November 12:

' 2007 - 4:53 pm,So, why did I bought this flash ?'

Just send it to me and I will give it a good home.

PM me.

Hi Isidor,

Only you can answer that question I imagine. At some point you must have liked it enough to spend money on it. So rack your brain and try to remember ;-)

I carry the D-40 to wedding assignments where I am using my 503CW. I have the Hasselblad version of the 45 and prefer the quality of light from the D-40 for this type of work ... especially since there are so many different light modifying tools available for it ... including many made for the Quantum Q flash bare bulb units.

I remove the parabolic reflector and put the flash in the bag just like any other on-camera flash. I put a soft cloth over the bulb and place the reflector upside down over it. If there isn't room, I place it upside down over a shorter lens like the 60/3.5 ... and as a final way if there still isn't enough room, I run the bag strap through it and carry it outside.
Hi Marc,

Does the round reflector (so without any diffusors etc) make a substantial difference compared to the Metz Proflash in your experience? Or is the key factor your higher flexibility with the D40? It seems the latter is probably it.

Hi Wilko. I like the light quality of bare bulb flash more than the Hammer Head type ... even though I do use the ProFlash and the Metz 70MZ-5. Add to that, all the excellent modifiers and it represents a more creatively diverse tool. I particularly like the Quantum W/A modifer that comes in silver or gold, and the dome diffuser. The Metz units are more powerful in comparison, and with a large surface to bounce off of are quite nice.
Isidor, I've used Quantum in the past, which are more powerful than the D-40, but for my style of shooting when employing portable flash, I found hauling around an auxiliary battery not to my liking. Both the Metz and D-40 are self contained units ... they have the option of supplementary battery packs, but I've never found the need for them.

I have 3 battery inserts for the D-40 and just swap them out as needed during the course of a wedding assignment. The spare battery inserts for the D-40 are available through B&H. I also replaced the original rechargable battery on the ProFlash with AA inserts ... which I fill with 2900 mAh rechargeables.

BTW, A poor mans' version of the D-40 is the Sunpack 120J bare bulb with the Hasselblad Module. I like this flash because you can use it on other cameras, or as a slave with a Wein peanut ... unlike the D-40 it offers auto selections, and the output can be very easily dialed down manually. It also accepts most Q flash light modifiers.
It's a shame that the D-40 can't be used for other camera. Not even for no ttl Hasselblad.

Perhaps it's possible to built a special electrical stuff to drive a flash cell but never see anything. If one have the 503CX electrical TTL's sheme it will help to try something !
Thanks Marc for the background info. I recently repaired an auxiliary generator for the D40. Easy fix, blown fuse. Unfortunately I only had the generator so I have not had the opportunity to play with it on my 500ELX.


The generator pack I repaired had a 7.2 Volt (if I remember that correctly) battery and a electronic converter circuit that produced (I think) 200Volts or close to that.