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Letbs start things up

The more I see your fine photography done with the ZD back, the more I fantasize about Mamiya coming with a new system:

Enter the Mamiya RB45
World's first, only-digital medium format camera system.
World's first true full-frame digital medium format body.
World's first medium format system with 3 T/S lenses.

Reflex body with a revolving digital back
Format: 38.4X48mm (4:5 ratio)
Capture: 23.5 Megapixels, 14 bit

35, 70 and 140 Tilt/Shift lenses.
More to come

Then I wake up. Fact is, the first time I fantasize about this camera, it was Canon doing it. But as for now, it seems that Mamiya rather than Canon, would be more viable to fulfill my wildest (photographic) dream.

In the meantime, have fun with your Mamiya, Frank.
Thanks for sharing your work with us.

I don't think I will buy a complete camera system again (but you never know) that's why I never jumped on board of the ZD camera.
I love to have the option to change backs when an assignment would need me to.

Normally I don't need high ISO so the ZD back is fine for me (ISO320 is usable for A3 when lit correctly), but if I really need to I can always hire a more expensive back that goes to ISO1600 and keep my whole system together :D
I like that first picture a lot, well done with the lightning.