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Lens Shade 110 Question


Does the Lens Shade Hasselblad 110 fit the 110 F 2.0 Lens? This is the only marking on the shade and I do not see any other numbers on it.

The "110" fits all F lenses from 110 till 250! I.E. the 110, the 150 and the 250

Like with the C and the CF/CFE/CFi lenses Hasselblad uses one shade.

Of course the best shade is the pro shade. This concerns especially the longer lenses.
All but the first proshade will accept 70 mm bay. with a suitable adapter.
Thanks guys. I already have the hood but was not sure it would fit the 110. Yesterday I was finally able to lock down 110 F 2.0 lens. I need to find one other item and I can let my wallet recover and cool down for a bit.