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Lens advice on a 500CM


New Member
OK, my first Hasselblad is in the mail to me now, body & A12 mag, so I need a lens for it too. I will go for the 80mm version, but there are so many versions... Is there anyone that wont fit my 500cm, and is there versions I should avoid?

Any input is highly appreciated..

> Wwhich lens you get wil depend on your shooting needs. the 80mm is the > "standard" but maybe not for you. It may be the 50mm or 150mm. You will > need to get one of the C lenses. The plain old C is the oldest. You can > now get the CF and CF FLE lens at "reasonable" prices from KEH. The CFi > is still a bit pricy. Good luck
The 'good old' 80 mm lens is a very versatile lens, and a very good 'starter'.
But don't spend too much time looking for an "FLE" version of the 80 mm lens, because there is no such thing.

"CF" lenses are at present indeed the 'best buy': not too old, plenty of them on the market, and thus not too expensive.
I would not get a "C" lens (too old), but a CFE would be of course good, if affordable.
Thanks for your replies. Will any C lens fit, such as the CB series as well? I've looked at some Distagon 60/3.5, both CB and CF version. Any thoughts about this?
Yes, any lens will fit. Just make sure you get one with a shutter built-in :) F-lenses need not apply for a 500CM. I have no experience with a 60mm. I can tell you my C50 is my most often used lens, for what that is worth.


The best investment now is a copy of Rick Nordins Hasselblad compendium.
It gives you a better understanding of lenses produced by Carl Zeiss
and others for Hasselblad.
The 500 series is now 50 years old and contains many accessoires
besides lenses that make it a unique system.
Multiply the focal lenght of a MF lens by 0.6 to get a value that is
similar to 35 mm systems ie 80 mm MF becomes 48 mm in 35 mm.