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Lens Adapter to mount on Hasselblad


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Until I find an affordable 80mm CFE lens (I know, they will never be affordable, at least by my budget), I'd like to figure out if I could attach my canon and nikon lenses. I've seen ebay has adapters that allow you to use your hassy lenses with other DSLR's and SLR's like canons and nikons. Have any of you gurus seen something like this? I'm not sure if they even make something like that, but if so, I'd like to know where I could pick something like that up.

Thanks ahead of time,


p.s., if you have a 80mm CFE T* lens in good condition that you are willing to let go for a good price, contact me please!

email: nathan.gartz (@)

Welcome at the MF forum.

I think you are mislead by adapters that will allow the use of Hasselblad lenses on 35 mm bodies.
I am sorry but this is a one way system meaning with a suitable adapter Hasselblad lenses will fit a 35 mm camera.
Lenses for 35 mm cameras will not work with a Hasselblad because the image they project is too small to fill a MF frame.

If you are working on a budget why not look for a nice 80 mm CF lens instead of the current CFE model.
You may also consider lenses that were older like the C series.

C series black 1975-1982 80 mm lens from 150-250 USD.
CF series 1982-1998 80 mm lens from 250-400 USD.
CFE series 1998- current 80 mm lens from 500-800 USD.

Older lenses are optically not very different from the later CFE model.

Hello Paul,

Yeah, that's what I figured. I am selling some equipment that should help pave the way for a new lens so hopefully I will get one soon. For now, my friend that sold me his 503 CX is letting me use his 80mm CFE T* until I find one. I really love it and I know that I would not be able to tell the difference in optics between a C, CF, or a CFE lens if I tried, but I just like knowing that it is a fairly new lens. I should have some cash soon so I'll be considering offers if I get some.

Thanks so much for the info!

I have the ring to fit my Hasseblad lens on my Canon 350D.
Interesting not realy practical indeed. The sharpes picture I ever had with this 350D was with my... Zeiss 180mm/4.0 at 4.0 !

I could see exactly the differences when I close my 110mm/2.0 from 2.0 to 8.0 (flare and sharpness)

Zeiss lenses on my digital Canon convince me to buy ...4 other second hand Zeiss lenses. other canon lenses.

I have a 30D and I thought it would be great to have a Zeiss for it. I remember working at a retail store where I sold cameras and I was always upset that only sony was able to get Zeiss lenses for their cameras. I'm sure they were probably not the finest quality Zeiss lenses, but it was still a Zeiss at the very least. I'll have to look into picking up a converter for my 30D and see what I can come up with.

Thanks for the input,