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How do you Flexcolor


New Member
I am currently capturing images directly to a CF card. From there, I place the card in a card reader and open up Flexcolor. It seems you can only export to DNG if you have the 3FR file. After loading the 3FRs, I lose them, and gain FFF files. This is great for Flexcolor, but then it seems like my only option from there is to Save as TIFF. So far, I've been holding on to two versions (DNG and FFF).

I am curious to know how everyone else uses Flexcolor.
And, is there anything I could do to my workflow to simplify my process?

(Note: I've only had the camera for four days.)

I think that the key "guess" you need to make is about longevity of format.

I made the decision a few years back to keep all digital images in the uncompressed TIFF format. Yes, it uses more disk space than other alternatives. But, I want my children and grandchildren, when they find an old box of DVDs in the attic, to be able to open the images (of course, they'll probably need to borrow a DVD reader from a museum).

Joking aside, I figured that with uncompressed TIFF, there is more chance of the image format being accessible in the future, possibly converting to a future standard as one emerges.

I understand that 3fr is TIFF with compression and some extras. DNG is not yet widely adopted as the "standard".

So, for me, I will stick with uncompressed TIFF for a while longer and see what happens.

Of course, you can also keep the image in other formats for usage, editing etc (e.g. keeping adjustment layers intact). But for storage and filing, uncompressed TIFF seems to be the way to go.

> "Hi Mark, I am using Flexcolor too. As you do, I load the pics from my CF Card into the PC, make the changes I want to make on the raw-file (color, white balance, etc) and save the picture only as a Tiff-file. kind regards from Frieder"