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HClenses which are the best


New Member
Hi everybody,
I'm a new H1/phase one P25 user and i'm really happy with it. At the moment I have the 50-110mm, which is most on the camera (little heavy but great lens) and the HC 35mm: great as wide-angle. Which one could be now the next lens: I think the fast 100/2.2 for portraits and situation where i need short DOF (I used a lot the 110/2 FE...), and then a longer tele. The 210? Or the 300? Or the 150 with 1.7 converter?
Thanks a lot for your suggestions. Best regards from Switzerland. Nick
>[HI Nicola. My first two lenses were the 50-110 >and 35mm as well. I am using an H2 with leaf >aptus 65. Since then, I have used a number of >the HC lenses and will summarize my own >experiences. THe 100/2.2 is an outstanding >optic. It is very fast and can give very nice >bokeh. The images are very sharp with good >microcontrast. I have heard wonderful things >about the 110/2 FE especially as it relates to >bokeh. I am not sure the HC lenses will give >the same results as I have not seen a direct >comparison. I did compare my canon 85mm 1.2 >lens on a 1Dsmk2 with the hassy H2 100/2.2 and >thought the bokeh and the apparent DOF were both >very good. They were slightly different but not >sure I can say one was better than the other. I >would say it is a matter of personal taste. The >210mm is also an outstanding lens. I have >compared center sharpness with the 210 and 210 >plus 1.7x and cannot see any real degradation in >image quality with the converter. I also have >compared the 100+1.7x with the 150mm. The >100/1.7 combo gives equally good images when >compared to the 150mm. In addition, I did not >find the bokeh from the 150mm to be any better >so I sold my 150mm lens. I have not tried the >300mm lens so I have no comment. The other lens >that I really like is the 120mm macro. In terms >of image quality shooting at 5 feet or less, >there is nothing in the HC lineup that can beat >it. The 120mm did not perform as well as the >100mm at distances greater than 5 to 6 feet so >that is something to keep in mind. THe other >point i can make is that with extension tubes, I >have gotten beautiful macro images even with the >50-110mm zoom. I do have to admit that the >50-110 zoom is the best zoom lens I have ever >used. In terms of sharpness, it is almost if >not equally as good as the primes I have >compared at the same focal lengths. The issue >as you state is that it is big and heavy and >slower than the primes. However, when hiking >and doing landscapes, this lens was used 90% of >the time while the 35mm was used the other 8 to >10%. So for me sometimes all i take is the 35mm >and the zoom if I am trying to conserve on space >and weight. Good luck. Hope this was helpful ]
Hi Guys, there is a special promotion for H/C lenses @ approx. a 35% discount !!!! It's on the Hasselblad site and you have to register your H camera to get the coupon. Limited time, so hurry !!!

I just ordered the 28mm.

The only lens not included is the 300/4 (which, BTW, its the premier lens of the lot, and still quite excellent with the 1.7X converter).

My personal favorite is the 100/2.2 because I shoot weddings with it on a H3D/39.