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HC 50110 Zoom Lens


New Member
I'm thinking of purchasing the HC 50-110 Zoom lens and was wondering if anyone has some ex&le images for lens or can point in the direction of a review.
Here is a s&le image of April 2006 Playboy Playmate, Holley Dorrought. Image was capured with Hasselblad H1D and HC 50-110mm lens.

Paul, these are fine pictures indeed. I remain to be convinced on the 50-110 zoom lens, having received the results back from a couple of Fuji Reala, Fuji Superia 100 and 400 print films on 20x30 cm prints. Apart from the fact that the lens, in my view, seems prone to internal reflections when used in conditions with sunrays falling obliquely into the lens, somehow I think it could be sharper. The HC 80/2.8 gives me more cause for satisfaction in regard of both issues.
I am used to the quality delivered by the latest generation of Leica M and R lenses, so I may be spoilt. But so far, the zoom fails to deliver for me.
I wonder what other users are saying.
I do not own the H/C 50-110 zoom, but have used it on commercial assignments where it was on a locked down tripod using a cable release and mirror up mode. It's quite sharp. Brutally so in some regards. I'm sure studio strobes helped that impression of sharpness a lot.

I think it's a handful for handheld, available light work, and I would never dream of using it for my wedding photography ( my forearm, back and hand thanked me : -). I learnd that trying to use the V zoom in ther past. These cameras are hard enough to hold steady... even with the hand-strap (which I also use).

My favorite H/C lens is the 110/2.2. Best all around performer of the bunch IMHO. My standard combo is a H3D/31 and H3D/39 with the 50,100, 150 ( and often the 1/7X ).
In fact, I have and use all the lenses including the 28 & 300, except the Zoom and 210.

What they need next is a T/S wide angle.
Marc - When hand holding the 110/2.2 and using a reasonable shutter speed, do you have any issues with blurring due to the internal camera movements (mirror, etc.)? For landscape, I always put the mirror up and use a cable release.

This is where the new firmware enabled extended mirror delay function really helps, I can get pin sharp images with the 100 2.2 at 1/60th and pretty sharp at 1/30th handheld with a 100ms delay.

Thanks Nick - I am aware there is new firmware, but didn't know the details. Since I use a Phase One back, I have to send both my H1 and H2 back to Hasselblad for the upgrade. I'm trying to locate a local dealer with an Imacon back who will let me do it. I've already downloaded the Flexcolor software on my Mac Powerbook.
Thanks Nick, I'll have to look into that.

How does it work? Does the viewfinder black out, or is it so quick it's hardly noticeable?
Hi Marc It feels like it does when the camera battery is low. You can hear the slower response but it doesn't really affect your shooting (well not mine). at 200ms there is a slightly noticeable delay but at 100 ms it is very slight. All my H's are now on 100ms and I really don't notice it. Nick-T
Is there a step-by-step to set it anywhere Nick? Or is no brainer?

I could reallly use this. I am pushing the limits shooting with the H3D/31 @ ISO 800 and the 100/2.2 wide open to get candids at shutter speeds that drop to 1/90th and even 1/60th on occassion ... which can introduce slight movement noticable in 17X22 prints.