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Hassy 250 C chrome lens


New Member
I got an offer to get a hassy 250 C chrome 5.6 lens for 150 euro.
I bought my 500cm some months ago and want a longer tele for landscape shots.

The price seams not high, but i read somewhere that the difference with a CF is flare and contrast. Is the problem that high what is causing this lens to be sold for this amount? Would ik be better to save some money and buy the CF version?

I started with the 80mm, besides that i use the 150. last week I bought the 60mm because I discovered on a holiday that sometimes the 80 was to narrow. I do not want to use a 50mm, because that will only get more onto the neg that will distract from your subject.

My ex&le teacher Shinzo Maeda which has increadible work made, shows that he did not use a lens shortes as 100mm for landscape work.
Willie Jan,

The coating is different, yes, but i don't think that flare will be a big problem at all.
You will use a proper hood on the lens, right?

The reason why the lens is cheap (and at that price it really is!) might be that it is rather old. It may well be that it is near to 'expiring'.
Or it may not, and the seller is not after lots of money (that too happens).
But ask if you can test it for a bit before you buy.
Given the serial number of the lens (and a bit of luck) we can probably give you the approximate year of manufacture. The Hasselblad Compendium has some nice tables with this information.

And if you don't have that book (bottom of the page)... get a copy!

But meanwhile you can check the age of your Hasselblad/Zeiss lens here (left margin, bottom applet).
the serial number starts with 42064..
last 2 numbers are left out.
The guy says probably around 1960
So the lens is 41 years old...
Would this still be a good choice or better to save for for ex&le a CF modern lens....
The big difference is the shutter, where the older type Syncro-Compur shutter is more liable to break down. Do check all the times so that they are fairly correct. Most of the symptoms of a bad shutter is that the longer times (longer than 1/15) are too long or even hangs. In that case a repair would cost as much as the €150 that you are paying for the lens. Or even worse, the shutter cannot be repaired because there are no parts available anymore.
The trick is to exercise the shutter regularly. Run through several clicks at all the times from 1 sec to 1/500 every month.
On the other hand, a decent CF lens would cost a lot more than €150 and it will not give you any optical advantages, as the basic construction is the same. (Yes, all CF lenses have T* coating which is better than the earlier no-name coating, but with a lens hood it will be hard to tell the difference.)
Last, e.g. Ansel Adams have done some marvellous shots with this particular type of lens (C-type 250mm lens). A shot of "El capitan" in Yosemite comes to mind. I also had a close look at some genuine AA prints that was up for auction some 8-10 years ago in Stockholm, Sweden. They were a series of shots of water surf shot with a H'blad and a C250. Obviously a combination he liked.

I am new to medium format as well, and the first lens i got was a 250 mm compur c version.

It was an old lens and needed some cleaning which costed me 100 euro.

For a 150 it is a steal. (and if you were to spend another 100 to clean it as i did, it's still a steal).

I'm a believer that too much emphasis is based on new lenses . I shot some of my best images on an old practica (east german 35mm).

I've had peeps trough the 250 mm lens and liked what i saw. I haven't really had time to dedicate on actually shoooting, but that's reseved for the next few weeks. Will post some pictures when ready and hope you will do as well.

I think it a right prize for an old lens.

The 250mm superachromat existed in c and in CFE with should have been far better in quality. The prize is different too.

Close to the 250mm is the CF 180mm witch is not so old dans has very good MTF curves even at f: 4.0