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Hasselblad Vacuum backs


Here a little bit of history .
In 2002 , Peter Janke , Schönaich , Germany produced his first magazin , which was called MAGAZIN FLATFIELD A24VAC .
It had an external vacuum pump .
A year later I saw a VAC magazine from him with an integrated vacuum pump . The body for that was an A70 magazine .

Both versions could only take 220 film , because , if 120 film is used , only the backing paper is hold to the plate , but not the film .

I believe , the selling figures were very low .
Have a look here :

Hello Jürgen,
I contacted them 2 years ago - without any reply :-(((
... underpressure back without complete system calibration is functionless.

With the switch to the new software we seemed to have lost a few brilliant minds that are likely to comment on this vacuum thing.
Anybody see any discrepancies to shoot holes in the theory of vacuum backs?
I noticed a few but I am to lazy to do all the work myself.